Why scrap your car in Bexleyheath?

There's a multitude of reasons you may want to scrap your old car in Bexleyheath. Most often, the car has simply failed its MOT and the cost to repair it is greater than the value of the car, rendering it worthless. Other times, something can go wrong with a car whilst the owner is already considering a new vehicle. Because, just diagnosing a fault in a car can be expensive, you may consider simply scrapping the car instead.

The most pressing need to scrap your car in Bexleyheath probably stems from the fact that any car must be taxed unless it is declared off road. Even if the car no longer functions it must still be taxed. It's best to scrap the car before its tax disk expires in order to avoid paying out again for road tax. It's actually possible to claim back the road tax for any time left on a tax disk when you scrap a car.

It's also good for the environment to scrap old cars. Old cars are far less fuel efficient than newer cars, which means that they produce larger amounts of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. By scrapping a car and replacing it with a new one you will be reducing your carbon footprint. At Scrap Car Bexleyheath we always recycle or reuse and much of a scrap car as we possibly can, in order to maximise the benefit to the environment.

For a few people in Bexleyheath the government's car scrappage scheme provides an extra incentive to scrap their car. If your old car meets the strict requirements set out by the government, you may be able to get a discount on a new car by scrapping your old car.